Franklin B. Mastin Found!

  After many years of searching, I have found some more information as to what happened to Benjamin Franklin Mastin and Drucilla R. Mastin's son, Franklin B. Mastin.

  I was doing a Federal Census search and finally located Franklin in Folsom Prison, Granite Township, Sacramento County California in a 1930 Federal Census, where he was incarcerated, at age 55. He was listed as Frank Mastin. All of the supporting information on the census sheet corroborate him as being the son of Benjamin Franklin and Drucilla R. Mastin.

  There are still a great many years in between 1880 and 1930 and hopefully I can get even more information about what happened to him afterwards too. Still need to locate information about Drucilla. She seems to have came into and vanished from our family without a whisper.


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