Mastin Family Photo Album

Aaron Loder Mastin

Aaron Loder Mastin, the son of Levigh and Elizabeth Peterman Mastin.

Civil War photograph
Circa 1861

This photograph was sent to me along with a transcription of Aaron's Civil War Diary and a sketch of his life (written by his daughter, Viola Mastin Miller.) by Carole Merrill in Las Vegas, NV. She came into possession of the information from a Mormon lady that was given the information by one of Viola's family members that felt that it was of no use to anyone. May God bless you Carole Merrill!

Photographs of Aaron Mastin's Descendants

This photo was lost when I moved the files to the new web server. I do not recall who supplied this photo.
Allen Fields and
Martha Jane (Mastin) Fields Family

Martha Jane Mastin was the daughter of Levi Mastin and Elizabeth Peterman

Circa 1893-94

Photograph provided by John Fields

Click on picture to see larger image of the family.
Allen and Martha Jane (Mastin) Fields and family
Levi Mastin

Son of Levigh Mastin and Elizabeth Peterman

Photograph provided by Linn Ellis
Levi Mastin, 1843-1925
Fannie (Warrenburg) Mastin

Wife of Levi Mastin, Jr.

Photograph provided by Larry Pedersen
Photograph of 
		Fannie (Warrenburg) Mastin, wife of Levi Mastin, Jr.
Joel H. Mastin and family

Princeton, Mercer County Missouri
Circa 1900

Top Left:  Lucinda (Clark) Mastin, Joel's wife
Far Left:  James Mastin
Small Girl by Lucinda:  Molly G. Mastin
Man Seated:  Joel H. Mastin
Son Standing to Right:  Howard Mastin
Child to Left on Joel's Lap:  Hiram Mastin
Son on Joel's Right Knee:  John William Mastin

Photograph provided by Elsie (Mastin) Pack
Joel H. and Lucinda (Clark) Mastin family


Thomas Webster Mastin
and his 2nd wife Anna Hibbs

Thomas was my grandfather.
Circa mid 1940's
Thomas Webster and Anna (Hibbs) Mastin
Clifford Dean Mastin
My father

The kindest man I have ever known.

Photo taken in Germany in the 1950's at US Army barracks (location unknown).

More pictures of Clifford Dean Mastin
Clifford Dean Mastin, my father
Norma Jean Mastin
My mother

March 1954

Taken at Norma Jean's mother,
Christena Jobe's home
Princeton, Missouri

More photos and memories of Norma Jean Mastin
Norma Jean (Jobe) Mastin, my mother
William Dean Mastin
My brother Bill
William Dean Mastin, my oldest brother
Michael Duane Mastin
Yours truly!

Taken in front of our house at
4830 N. Tullis
Kansas City, Missouri
Spring 1964
Michael Duane Mastin, yours truly!
William Sherman Mastin
My fathers half brother

Navy photograph
Circa 1949-50
William Sherman Mastin, son of Thomas Webster and Anna (Hibbs) Mastin
My mothers family

My father clowning around at the rear!

More photos of the Jobe family
Picture of most of my mothers Jobe family members
Mary Ann (Hicks) Thompson
Peggy and Billy Martin

Mary Ann was my father, Clifford Mastin's sister
Mary Ann (Hicks) Thompson with Billy Martin and Peggy on her lap
James and Katie (King) Mastin

At home in Corydon, Iowa
Jim was the oldest of Joel and Lucinda Mastin's children

More photos of James, Katie and family
James and Katie (King) Mastin
Hiram Delbert and Lula Mae Mastin

Hiram Delbert was one of Joel H. and Lucinda Mastin's sons

This is Hiram and Lula Mastin with Elmer on Hiram's knee and Katie standing in front, and Alberta on Lula's lap.
This photo was probably taken in Princeton, Missouri.

Circa 1914

More pictures of Hiram and Lula Mastin

Hiram, Lula and family
John W. and Josie (Dillard) Mastin

John William was the son of Joel H. and Lucinda Mastin

More pictures of John and Josie(Dillard) Mastin

Their Children

Elsie Lucille Mastin and family

John William 
		and Josie (Dillard) Mastin
Edgar A. and Marvah Mastin

Edgar (better known as Ed) was one of Joel and Lucinda's sons
Edgar A. 
		and Marvah Mastin
Leonard Sherwood, Lela,
and Alice May Mastin

Leonard Sherwood was better known as Dick Mastin. Alice May is their daughter

More photos of Dick, Lela and family
		Sherwood and 
        Lela (Ballard) Mastin
Cora Mae (Mastin)
and her husband Bud Harper

Cora Mae is the youngest daughter of Hiram and Lula Mae (Adkins) Mastin. Photograph taken on a friends farm near where they live in Minnesota.

Circa 1993

More photographs of Cora, Bud and their family

Cora Mae and Bud Harper
Jesse and Nellie (Huggins) Mastin

Photo taken in 1969
Jesse and Nellie (Huggins) Mastin
David Mastin and family

David Mastin
Joyce Mastin, wife
Heather, daughter
Dennis, son
Elizabeth, infant daughter

Photo taken in 1999

David Mastin and family
Edward Levi Mastin's Descendants

Photo taken in May 1999 in Lake City, Iowa

More photographs of the descendants of Edward Levi Mastin

Edward Levi Mastin's family
Elmer Orel Mastin(son of Levi and Fannie Mastin) and Frances Mary Pelster.

Photo taken May 5, 1909
Council Bluffs, Iowa.

More photographs of the descendants of Elmer Orel and Frances Mary (Pelster) Mastin

Elmer Orel Mastin and Frances Mary Pelster, his wife
Peter Stanton Maston, Sarah (Cornell) Maston and sons.

This photo of Peter S. Maston, Sarah C. Maston and sons was taken in Coshocton County, Ohio.

Circa 1888

Photograph provided by Don Maston
Peter Stanton Maston and sons

From left to right:
Russell Clark Maston
Wilbert Garfield Maston
Charles Wilson Maston
Darius Earl Maston
John Milton Maston
Peter Stanton Maston

Circa 1907

Photograph provided by Don Maston
Peter S. Maston and Sarah (Cornell) Maston family.

Photo taken at the farm of Russell Clark Coshocton County Ohio. From left to right:
Russell Clark Maston
Darius Earl Maston
Wilbert Garfield Maston
Charles Wilson Maston
Peter Stanton Maston
Sarah (Cornell) Maston
John Milton Maston
Ruth A. Maston
Lena M. Maston

Circa 1922

Photograph provided by Don Maston
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