The Mastin Family's Migration West

To date I have found out that Levigh Mastin, born August 6, 1797 in England and Elizabeth (Peterman) Mastin, born 1813, of Dutch descent, came to the United States from England. My earliest knowledge of their whereabouts in the United States was in Fayette County Pennsylvania around 1834 or 1835. The family later migrated west to the Jackson Township of Coshocton County Ohio. They settled and lived here until the early 1850's. Most all of their children were born here except Benjamin and James, who were born 1833 and 1834 respectively, in Fayette County Pennsylvania.

The family moved to Dewitt County Illinois around 1853, where they settled in the Creek Township. Levigh died September 9th, 1854 and he is buried in the Lisenby Cemetery, located in the Creek Township of DeWitt County Illinois. Benjamin F., Hiram H. along with another Hiram Mastin (possibly a close cousin of theirs)all enlisted in Company F of the 107th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War stating their place of residency as Creek Township of DeWitt County Illinois, while Levi and Aaron Loder Mastin would enter Company F of the 41st Illinois Infantry. Aaron Loder Mastin would later transfer into the 107th Infantry Company F, where he would rise to the rank of Sgt. before mustering out. Levi would remain in the 41st Illinois Infantry throughout the Civil War.

Hiram H. (March 14th, 1836), Levi (about 1839), Mary E. (about 1841), Aaron L. (July 25th, 1842), Tiba(a male, born about 1844), Sarah E.(1849), Jonathan P.(1851) and Martha Jane Mastin(1853) were all born in Coshocton County Ohio.

Benjamin F. Mastin married Sarah E. Marsh, on July 1, 1857 in DeWitt County Illinois. Their first two children would die quite young and are buried in the Lisenby Cemetery also. Their names were James L.(died March 18th, 1859 -he lived 10 months and 18 days) and Albert Mastin (died April 10th, 1862 -he lived 1 year, 3 months and 10 days). Then Joel H. Mastin was born 1863 in Creek Township, DeWitt County Illinois.

From DeWitt County Illinois Benjamin F. and his son Joel H., Hiram H., Aaron L., Sarah E., Jonathan P., Martha Jane and their mother Elizabeth all relocated to the township of Medicine in Putnam County Missouri, near the town of Lucerne which lies along the far northern border between Missouri and Iowa. I have not found evidence of Tiba in Putnam or Mercer County. I am guessing that he died in DeWitt County Illinois, but this is not confirmed. See the Mortality list on the Dewitt County Page.

Benjamin F. Mastin's wife Sarah E. died in 1870 and is buried in DeWitt County Illinois. Benjamin F. Mastin later remarried a Drucilla R. and they would have a son, Franklin B. Mastin, born 1875 in Medicine township Putnam County Missouri. Benjamin F. would pass away in 1879 leaving his two sons and Drucilla alone. They would live with Elizabeth, Hiram H. and Martha Jane Mastin for a brief period of time, as I found them listed in the 1880 Federal Putnam County Census.

Aaron Loder Mastin would come to own a bank in Ravanna and Lucerne, Missouri and sizeable land holdings in Mercer County where he would become a well respected member of the community. Benjamin F., Elizabeth and Hiram H. Mastin are all buried in New Busby Cemetery, which is near the town of Lucerne, in Putnam County Missouri. Martha Jane (Mastin) Fields is also buried here also with her husband Allen Fields and one of their children, Albert M. Fields. Albert lived 10 years and 10 days.

Levi Mastin was married in DeWitt County Illinois on July 22, 1866 to Fannie Elizabeth Warrenburg. They would move to western Iowa around 1870 and settled in Grand Junction located in Greene County Iowa for their first few years, later settling in Calhoun County Iowa, in Lake City just to the north of Greene County. Levi is interred in the Lake City Cemetery in Lake City, Iowa while Fannie's final resting place is disputed. According to her death certificate, she is interred at the Lake Creek Cemetery near Lake City, but her obituary states that she is buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery in Lake City, Iowa.

I have located some of Eva Lorena(one of Levi and Fannie's daughters) Bosley's descendants that live near Lansing, Michigan now. It seems that the majority of Levi and Fannie's children relocated to Council Bluffs, Iowa, which is near the Iowa/Nebraska border, near Omaha, Nebraska. Some of our early Mastin's migrated west to Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and California. Aaron Loder Mastin's son, Ferrell, was one of these to head west, settling in Los Angeles, California and Aaron's daughter Viola P. Mastin settled in Wyoming according to information that I have found in the probate records of Hiram H. Mastin.

I found Jonathan P. Mastin and his wife, Sarah O. (Bennett), listed in the 1880 Mercer County Census. They had two children listed, but this was the last time that I saw them listed in Mercer County Missouri.

If you have any information about Mastin's that may have been from any of the areas listed above I would greatly appreciate your findings I would be happy to share what I have with anyone researching the Mastin name also.


Mastin's in DeWitt County Illinois -1850's-1865




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